It Begins With You and Me

A Holiday Message from Rev. Pam
(Published in the Tolucan Times December 2012)

Just as the coming of Christ was the promise of Peace on Earth and good will to all mankind, the approach of Christmas has a mighty power that rekindles our faith and lifts our aspirations.

As we eliminate conflict within ourselves, we establish peace on earth. As we master our emotions and rid ourselves of all prejudices, we further peace. Our awareness that God is all, brings peace and sustains harmony of being in everything we do. Let us think of world peace as more than just a hope or dream; let us know that it is an attitude that begins with you and me.

By applying faith, understanding, and the Golden Rule, we help lift the consciousness of our world and gain greater awareness of how powerful love really is. For no matter how hard we strive to win wars we fight, we shall never have peace until we have love and good will among all people.

The spirit of giving moves us out of the appearance of limitation into a larger cosmic expression. It is not the gift but the act of giving that brings enrichment to both the giver and the receiver. This Christmas season and beyond, let us all express only love and good will and reap the benefits of the powerful act of giving.

Gather with us each Sunday in December and experience the L-I-G-H-T of the holidays — Living Inside God’s Highest Truth.

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The Gift of Self

There is one presence, one power, one mind, one life, God, Infinite good. I am made in the image and likeness of God. Every quality that God is I am. I am an individualized expression of God. I am a true self, a higher self, a God-self. I am God-given. I am infinite possibility. I am the totality of potentiality. I am all good and all power.

The force that breathes through me is the life force that propels love through me out into the world of expression. I am the embodiment of divine love, perfect peace and over flowing joy.

The radiant light of pure awareness reveals the Truth as I walk in the light and love of God. I give thanks for the gift of knowing that I am enough. I give thanks for the experiences that provide me with opportunities for spiritual growth. I am blessed with the gift of self and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Prosperity Comes In All Forms and Denominations

Almost a year ago, I befriended an individual – we were fond of each other and would hang out, and go to dinner, and I also gave him spiritual advice. We became closer, he asked me if he could borrow some money to help with his mortgage. I had the extra money and lent it to him without any reservation. He later asked for more. I had it and gave it to him, and never really thought about it because we were looking at becoming more involved. He stated several times, that he would pay me back- but that did not happened. I was frustrated, I felt betrayed and all sorts of negative words I won’t say. I needed treatment, seriously!!! I erased all of his contact information from my cell and deleted him from my life because God obviously needed me to learn a lesson from this. I was hurt (and he did apologize later for hurting my feelings.) There was no contact from him for months. I felt I was free and he was out of my life. I went to class on Wednesday, October 24th, not really feeling like it, but knowing I needed to go. We were talking about superstitions and I brought up the “penny with the face up.” I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. I would only pick up pennies if the face was up and leave it alone if it was face down. I would pick up other coins of higher denomination whether they were faced down or up. I didn’t realize I was devaluing the penny. Now, for the past week or so, there has been this penny on the ground outside of my apartment. I didn’t pick it up because the penny was faced down. I did however flip it over for someone else to possibly get it and be “lucky.”

As we were discussing this topic in class, most of us had similar stories of superstition. Rev. Pam basically told me to go home and pick the penny up… it’s prosperity. I said, OK!!

After class I went home, went up stairs, and it popped in my head, oh, I forgot to get the penny. I went back downstairs, hoping it was still on the ground (and it was… all dirty). I picked it up and said “thank you Jesus,” and put it with the rest of my change, went to bed and thought nothing of it.

Now, here is the kicker!!! Thursday, October 25th at 5:06pm I got a text from an unfamiliar number asking me: “Where are you, let’s do dinner, I have something for you.” I’m like, huh?? Oh, it’s this individual (the one who owed me the money). What does he want??

I agreed to go to dinner, which was kind of awkward because I thought I had released my anger and I really hadn’t. We ate a nice dinner, which he paid for. After dinner, he handed me a white envelope with my name on it. I opened it up and it was a check for $600!!! I said thank you.. Thank you God!!! And, thank you pennies!!! Now I will pick them up no matter what!!!!!

Willis O.

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It is a Privilege

It is a privilege and honor to be a part of the congregation, to be one in spirit, to be in community. I am so “jazzed” about the Unexpected Income Program. Since I committed to the program three weeks ago, each week has brought an increased ROI (Return on Investment). It all started with a dollar (that I found, no less)!

I am looking forward to the day when my “tithes into the storehouse” equal $1,000,000.

P.S. 2 more dollars coming your way… I just found $20 in
the gutter.

One last postscript. The Unexpected Income Program comes pre-packaged with additional miracles in addition to unexpected income. I started the program before I got a job, (literally with the dollar I found), since then I recently started a new job, I am definitely a much happier person, my miracle list is quite extensive in a matter of three weeks.

The Unexpected Income Program is the best pre-packaged . . meal deal in town!

— Anonymous

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I Am Abundantly Provided For

God is the source and substance of my supply. I am the consciousness of that which is God. This recognition and awareness produces and manifests my opulent, wealthy and prosperous life. I am established in spiritual richness and attract the likeness of that richness in all of my experiences. There is an ever-flowing supply of good that circulates within me and around me.

I am rich with ideas that prosper my life abundantly in everyway. Whatever I need
Is always made manifest. No thought, feeling or belief in limitation has any power. My security is assured by Divine Principle that expresses lavish abundance in me at all times.

I am prosperous being, being actively prosperous. Everything I do prospers because I am in partnership with the Infinite. I receive from the source and give to the source. All the good that goes forth from me is multiplied abundantly. I am
grateful for the continuing flow of divine supply. I participate in the circulation of God’s supply generously and consistently. I give generously and I receive generously.

I am financially independent and free. I accept the fullness and richness of life within and without. I am abundantly provided for in every right and perfect way. I give thanks for all of God’s Blessings that prosper me abundantly. I accept this as the absolute Truth, I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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My Way Is Made Clear

I am one with the One. This One is a mighty presence and power that lights my way, makes the crooked places straight and is a lamp to my feet.

The light of spiritual understanding guides and directs me with wisdom and provides me with the faith to understand with greater conviction.

I celebrate God’s life as my life. I am empowered by these words and I invoke God-Power to fill me with ever increasing Divine love to share with the world.
Love is enlightening and permits only that which is harmonious and kind to enter my life.

I bless this journey and rejoice in the divine adventure that clarifies my vision, grounds me in Truth and motivates divine ideas. My whole being is illumined with the One life that flows through every being. I am grateful for this Truth and for the God-Mind that inspires and fulfills it, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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I Am Established In Perfect Health

There is only Perfect God, Perfect Man, Perfect Being. I am a manifestation of that perfection; therefore I am a Divine expression of perfect health within and without. My body is the embodiment of the Divine expression of God.

Any mental attitude or cause that is in opposition to wholeness is immediately dissolved. At the core of by being there is a pattern of perfection functioning perfectly in every way. I only see with the eyes of God, I always hear with the ears of God and I am consistently guided by the voice of God.

I accept my radiant, vibrant and healthy body. I am grateful for my body temple that was made in the image and likeness of God. I am the full and complete expression of Truth. I easily breathe in inspiration and easily breathe out and let go of any belief in desperation. I am filled with the radiant perfection of God, that has infused me with balanced, harmonious and healthy energy.

I think health, speak health, expect health and experience health. I am whole.
I am complete. I am perfect. I am well. In gratitude, I accept the fulfillment of this Truth right now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Fear= False Evidence Appearing Real

I am one with the presence and power that created me. I have never been separated from the infinite. In recognition of the Truth, I choose to employ faith and to fire the illusion of fear. If there are any old worn out memories or patterns of fear in my subconscious mind, I release them and know they are automatically replaced with a consciousness of love and strong and invincible faith. What a joy it is to remove the old mask of an illusion of fear and celebrate the Truth that God is the only power in my life. I look to no other power outside of myself for anything. All that I require has already been supplied.

I respect the lessons of the past, but there is no need to glorify them. I am healed from the belief in scarcity, lack or limitation. As I let the human guard of limitation down, the Divine springs forth and lovingly expresses itself through me in abundantly worthwhile ways.

I celebrate the authenticity of life and place my faith in the spiritual world, not the effects of the material world or false faces of others. I am at peace. I am secure in Spirit. I am free. I am grounded in Truth and Trust. All is well. I am grateful, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Right Order and Perfect Balance

The God knowing power and presence within me causes all things to work out right. There is nothing over active or underactive. My balanced emotions are expressed through affirmative and constructive means. Everything balances itself with the correct emphasis, impression and direction.

I see from all perspectives—the north, the south, the east and the west. God’s world surrounds me with law and order. Every choice I make is made with wisdom and insight. Each experience inspires cooperation and unity and brings forth fulfillment and satisfaction. God is always on time and therefore there is consistent right timing with every endeavor. With inner order and balance, I am established in the consciousness that reflects the same on the outer plane of life.

I was given a sound mind, a pure heart and a spirit, not of fear, but of power, love and faith. The seeds of my ideas and desires have been planted and now the time has come to enjoy the divine harvest with its abundant fruitage. The universe is my faithful servant and it generously and joyously responds by corresponding to my clear desires.

I give thanks in advance for this demonstration. I now, release it and let it go, knowing right order and perfect balance are part of right action, which is taking place right here and right now, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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In Ways I Know Not Of

There is one Presence, one Power, one Mind and one Life God, infinite good. This Presence, Power, Mind and Life is my life now. I recognize that this Power works for me by working through me. I am surrounded by Mind that returns to me only what I think into it. Through thought, I am using a creative power that brings forth the manifestation of my thought.

God is a silent power and partner always available and ready to bring forth the right expression through me. As I expand my perception and raise my consciousness, I know that “I and my Father are One.” This Truth reveals itself in ways that the human mind cannot explain or fathom. By listening to the still small voice of God, I realize that invincible faith means never doubting or wavering and always believing that the almighty power within me is all-knowing and always operating on my behalf.

I look to the invisible side of life, not to that which is visible, and calmly surrender to the Truth of my being, which is love and cooperation. True knowing is living in a grateful attitude of acceptance for that which I desire as already being so. I believe with God all things are possible. I ask, believing I have received.
I expect the best and the best happens. The Universe is my faithful servant
and I am the active conduit for its divine manifestation.

With calm determination, great trust and invincible faith, I say thank you for
the right and perfect ideas, thoughts, feelings and actions that constantly produce the perfect manifestation in every way, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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