“Treatment in its proper content, is the time, process, and method necessary to the changing
and redirecting of our thought, clearing the thinking of negation, doubt, and fear,
causing us to perceive
the ever presence of God.”

~ Ernest Holmes


For Those Seeking a Positive Change in Their Life

Sometimes we are so close to the problem or situation that we cannot arrive at an objective viewpoint regarding it or rise above it in consciousness. We may also lack the experience or training needed to solve the challenge or situation. A licensed, Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles Practitioner is trained to discern truth in the midst of any situation, challenge or turmoil. If you have the need for treatment work, Practitioners are available on an individual fee basis. Licensed, professional Practitioners are trained to use the art, science, and skill of spiritual mind treatment to solve challenges and to correct situations. The professional Practitioner has the understanding and training to impersonally assist clients in handling their personal challenges. A licensed, professional, Practitioner lives, demonstrates, and practices spiritual truth. The license to practice as a Practitioner is granted by the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles to those who meet the requirements.

Practitioner’s Mission Statement

To maintain a consciousness of spiritual love and healing through the professional practice and spiritual teaching of the principles of Science of Mind as a new way of life. Spiritual Mind Treatments, given by licensed Practitioners, are offered every Sunday immediately after the Service. At your convenience appointments can be made with a Practitioner. Sessions are available to individuals, couple, families or pets. You may telephone or e-mail one of Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles’ professional Practitioners listed below for an appointment.




Rev. Pamela A. MacGregor

Rev. Pam MacGregor
Spiritual Director
(818) 901-7600

Karen Tarleton Holland

Karen Tarleton Holland
(323) 533-3671