Sunday Program

For the safety of our spiritual family and all with whom they come in contact, we have temporarily cancelled Sunday services; however, Rev. Pam will record the Sunday talk each week, and it, along with past talks, will be available via podcast, as well as on this website. In light of the challenges we and our global family are facing, we encourage you all to frequently place before your consciousness an awareness of the underlying truth that all beings are perfect, whole and complete, and that each of us is unconditionally held in the embrace of Absolute Love.

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  August 2020


    August 02   Ken Hergenroeder, Practitioner
    August 09   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
    August 16   Ken Hergenroeder, Practitioner
    August 23   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
    August 30   Rev. Pam MacGregor

The Transformative Power of a Staycation

I trust you and your dear ones are healthy and safe. As we and our global family navigate these challenging times, there is no greater practice to keep us walking in balance than prayer, than trusting in the boundless Grace of Spirit that surrounds each and every one of us.

Accustomed as we are to a summer vacation, sheltering in place can be frustrating. And yet I’m absolutely convinced it is possible to make spiritually creative use of this time, which inspired this month’s theme, “The Transformative Power of a Staycation.” Are you ready to dust off your cosmic passport and purchase a first-class ticket for a Soul-journey? Then it’s time for takeoff!

Peace and richest blessings always,
Rev. Pam

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Sunday Topics:

August 02   Trailblazing the Territory of Consciousness – Rev. Pam

As with any journey, it’s useful to have a map, and in this case it’s the inner map already implanted within you by Spirit. Your part is to view it in consciousness. So tighten your seatbelt, sit quietly and ask yourself: In what state of mind am I homesteading right now? What is the next step in my unfoldment? What qualities must I pack for the journey? What baggage must I release?

August 09   A Sweet Getaway from Lack and Limitation – Rev. Pam

Have you lived too long with the false belief that there isn’t sufficient good to go around? From the projected fear we witnessed of not having enough toilet paper or hand sanitizer, now is the time to examine those areas of our lives where we have an octopus-grip on scarcity thinking and instead lean into the arms of Spirit’s unceasing bounty.

August 16   Taking a Retreat from Anger—No Mask Required! – Rev. Pam

Do you experience a layover that holds you hostage to feelings of anger and cover it with a mask of denial? That energy has to go somewhere, as we can observe in the collective anger our society is expressing. Even more importantly, how and where is anger showing up in your own life? Today we will explore a fresh approach to anger—a retreat well worth taking!.

August 23   Welcoming a Furlough from Stress – Rev. Pam

Today’s demanding and unpredictable world is a source of stress, whether it’s about income, our children/grandchildren returning to school, the availability of COVID-19 testing or a hospitalized dear one. While we have no outer control of these challenges, we absolutely can take agency of our inner world. Today we will consider some sure-fire spiritual tools for taking a stress furlough.

August 30   Oh, the Places You’ll Go! – Rev. Pam

Our staycation month culminates with discovering the ultimate meaning of “change your thinking, change your life.” Because when we do, we will be transported to the Promised Land and find there our treasure trove of inner jewels, confirming that within us is all that we need to manifest the life we were meant to live in joy, peace, love, contentment, creativity, and abundance.