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July 2024

Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles


Our Birthright of Freedeom

Loving greetings and may you and your loved ones enjoy the upcoming 4th of July celebrations. As we look at the outer freedom Independence Day commemorates, I invite us to also dive deeper into the inner meaning of freedom as we explore July’s theme: “Our Birthright of Freedom.” As Ernest Holmes wisely reminds us, “Whenever we are conscious of God, or pure Spirt, we are made free.” Join us each week as together we support one another in authentically and joyously living from our innate soul-freedom.

Peace and richest blessings always,
Rev. Pam

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Sunday Topics:

July 07   Freedom: Your Divine Birthright – Rev. Pam
Our inner spiritual journey directs us back to our original state of being: Freedom. Each of us has not only all that we need to find ourselves, but also to free ourselves from all forms of false belief such as lack, limitation, any sense of not-enoughness. Today we will learn how the Science of Mind teachings expand our understanding of our cherished birthright of innate freedom.

July 14   How Free Are You? – Rev. Pam
Once we embody that freedom is our true nature, the next step to living this truth is to gently and objectively discern where we still hold ourselves hostage in habitual thought patterns and actions that do not nurture our inner soul-freedom. If you’re ready to freely soar into the vast, infiniteness of your being, join us today!

July 21   Spiritual Freedom Is Calling You – Rev. Pam
Your life is happening in this very moment with the full support of Spirit and its universal laws. Once we trust that there is no separation between ourselves and Spirit, we live with a new vitality, we move from being fear-driven to being faith-driven. At last we hear the call of our soul to embrace our intimate oneness with Spirit.

July 28   Accepting Freedom’s Invitation – Rev. Pam
Freedom provides a clarity of consciousness that dissolves our self-created boundaries and limitations that bind us to our cherished opinions, preferences, projections onto ourselves, others, and the world at large. Are you courageous enough to accept the invitation and the surprising directions that will appear on your path if you do?