Sunday Program

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Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles

  April 2021


    April 04   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
    April 11   Ken Hergenroeder, Practitioner
    April 18   Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
    April 25   Rev. Pam MacGregor

Embracing Your Life with a Heart of Wholeness

Joyous Easter and Passover wishes to you and your dear ones. May your celebrations be filled with the spirit of joy. And may we remember and pray for all those who won’t be sitting at the family table this year, and that the loved ones they have left behind may know peace in their hearts.

Our theme for April is, “Embracing Your Life with a Heart of Wholeness.” The expression of wholeness is inherent within us all. But it is each of us who is responsible for activating it into expression, into action. Our weekly gatherings will be to discover how we may more fully embrace and integrate wholeness into our daily lives. I look forward to sharing each Sunday with you!

Peace and richest blessings always,
Rev. Pam

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Sunday Topics:

April 04   Drop the Thorns and Bloom the Lilies – Happy Easter – Rev. Pam

How often do you find yourself placing a crown of thorns upon yourself rather than appreciating the beautiful lilies constantly blooming within your spirit? As Ernest Holmes reminds us, “self-condemnation and personal distrust is detrimental to our highest welfare.” Join us this Easter Sunday as we trade in the thorns for lilies and celebrate our true glorious nature.

April 11   How to Maintain a Radiant Inner Household – Rev. Pam

It’s simply not possible to maintain an inner household that radiates joy and contentment when it is overrun with the lackluster of mind-clutter including self-doubt, worry, fear, and lack. Knowing that our thoughts co-create the contents of our lives, let us commit ourselves to empowered, mindful thinking and partnering with the Spirit that is always at our side.

April 18   Somebody-ness, Nobody-ness, Selfless-ness – Rev. Pam

Societal standards encourage us to become somebody, the opposite of nobody. But maybe they’ve got it all wrong, for as Emerson teaches, “get your bloated nothingness out of the way.” This is the path of selfless compassion and service, the key to true happiness, because any action performed selflessly rather than egotistically uplifts ourselves and our world.

April 25   The Integrative Wellness Factor – Rev. Pam

Practicing wellness is our calling to wholeness, for as Plato reminds us, “The part can never be well…unless the whole is well.” When we can truly say “all is well,” we are saying the whole of us—body, mind, and spirit—are unified in their expression of wholeness. So what do you say, are you ready to join together today in amplifying our collective wholeness?