The Spiritual Art of Success

This series of talks, given by Rev. Pam MacGregor in October 2018, are based on Jack Canfield’s empowering book, The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.


The True Measure of Success

Is success, like the concept of beauty, simply in the eye of the beholder? Does outer success deliver on its promises? Do you believe you’re worthy of success? These are the aspects of success we will explore as a way of discerning if our definition of success and striving for it is based in spiritual principle. Spoiler alert: You may surprise yourself by your responses.

    The True Measure of Success
Spirit's Formula for Success: Be Yourself

“Just be yourself,” we’re told. But how many of us know what being ourselves actually means? How much of the time do you feel you are being the real you? Beginning with the realization that each of us is a unique individualized expression of Spirit, how do we translate this into our everyday lives as a human being? It all begins within!

    Spirit’s Formula for Success: Be Yourself
The Naked Truth about Success

Many of us have been conditioned by society to measure success by outer material possessions. We can even manipulate our spiritual practice into one of spiritual materialism by believing that demonstrating outer riches is a validation of being “spiritually evolved.” Authentic success, however, is found in the qualities of inner contentment, compassion, and communion with Spirit.

    The Naked Truth about Success
Identify What Isn't Working and Celebrate What Is

Identifying habitual mindsets and heart-sets that aren’t working in our lives leads us to a more successful life. Why? Because doing so offers us the opportunity to release them and evolve into the next level of our spiritual unfoldment. So I suggest celebrating these discoveries as true inner victories and let the evolution in consciousness begin! Are you ready?

    Identify What Isn’t Working and Celebrate What Is