The Art of Being on Purpose- February 25, 2024
Rev. Pamela A. MacGregorThis month’s theme is The Purpose of Being

Richest blessings to you and welcome to our spiritual family’s exploration of this month’s theme, “The Purpose of Being.” Each week we will focus on the sacred relationship each of us has with our Source, inviting its grace to carry us to higher ground as together we take a journey into the depths of the proverbial question, “Who am I, and why am I here?”

The February 25, 2024 topic is The Art of Being on Purpose When we express from the Authentic Self, we are consciously participating in the art of fulfilling our unique purpose for having taken birth on the planet. Each breath, thought, and action is blessed with the full support of the Universe. Today we will multiply that blessing by focusing our intention and attention on the spiritual art of being on purpose.

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  The Are of Being on Purpose
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  Karen Tarleton Holland, Practitioner
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