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What It Does - January 17, 2021
Rev. Pamela A. MacGregorThis month’s theme is Timeless Practices for Our Times

My heart thanks each one of you for the loving support you so generously give both to me and to our online community, and I wish each of you and your dear ones the deepest blessings in the New Year.

As we enter the portal of 2021, let us walk together confidently, with absolute trust in Spirit, in ourselves, in one another. May our inherent wisdom and compassion direct our every step toward healing and peace in our individual and collective heart. Toward fulfilling this aspiration, we will focus on the universal principles as taught by Ernest Holmes in his classic book, The Science of Mind, which are so appropriate for our January theme, “Timeless Practices for Our Times.”

The January 17, 2021 topic is What It Does. The words “what It does” point to our innate capacity to expand our realization of how our moment-by-moment thoughts, choices, and actions throughout any given day activate our ability to energetically co-create with Spirit that which manifests in our inner and outer lives. Through acceptance of this gift, we enable ourselves to consciously participate in this sacred collaboration.

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What It Does
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