I Accept Perfect Health

I am one with the one. This infinite presence, power and mind are my rock of ages. I am the full expression of optimum health. My body functions as a living temple that is endowed with radiant energy, perfect balance and eternal life. I am free from all belief in, or thought of, dis-ease or disorder. God is not sick and I am God-being in expression, therefore, I am unified with, and sustained by this truth. Every tissue, cell and organ of my body is doing its perfect work.

My right thinking purifies any opposition to truth. The truth always demonstrates itself as wholeness. Divine body is life giving and forever flows through me as vitality, nourishing and sustaining me with the pure and perfect light of spirit. I am energized with freedom, faith and harmony. I am calm and at peace with the world. My healthy thinking makes me immune to negative appearances or physical symptoms. The loving Presence of Spirit protects me in all my ways. I accept perfect health as my divine heritage. All is well. I am perfect, whole and complete. I give thanks that is so, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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