Our classes and courses are life-changing and represent one of the most important spiritual gifts that you can give to yourself.  As you progress through the courses of this teaching, you’ll find that your evolution – your natural spiritual growth process – is with grace and ease, and always in a nurturing and respectful environment.  You’ll find that the presentation of each course is uplifting and inspiring, encouraging you toward your next level of spiritual growth.

Consider the following Principle that Science of Mind is based on:

Change your thinking; change your life!

As Dr. Ernest Holmes, the Founder of the Religious Science movement wrote:

There is a power for good in the universe Greater than you are, and you can use it.

There is no question about the creativeness of thought.  If any thought is creative, it must follow that all thought is creative.  The Law of Mind is exact.

The only question is:  How are we going to use this Creative Power within us?

Shall we use it constructively for definite purpose?  Or shall we use it destructively merely because we do not understand it?

Change the idea of a thing and you’ll change the thing.

As we learn to take responsibility for our thinking, we shall see our lives transformed in many and wonderful ways.  We can begin to live, move and have our being in a greater awareness that God really is All that is.  As we honor Its Presence in all people and places (including ourselves), the Divine Principle of Life automatically honors us.
To each is given what he needs and the gifts of Heaven come to all alike.  How we use these gifts is what matters.

This is God’s gift to you and what you decide to do with it is your gift to God!