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Love Maintains the Unity of Spirit

I am one with God and God is love, therefore I am one with the unifying principle of love. As love unifies, it establishes a complete recognition of harmony and creates a new consciousness of power. This power opens up new channels to express the self. This self is a complete self. Within the self is everything essential to the attainment of its desires.

In recognition of the unity of spirit, there is only divine love. There is no conflict, no barrier, and no obstruction. The principle of love unifies all conditions with my desires. There is only unity of being everywhere manifest. I am whole, positive and complete at all times. Love eliminates all sense of separation from the God-Mind, as it is its harmonious activity. Only harmony prevails in my experience because I have established within myself the recognition of love, the unifying principle of Spirit. This principle of Divine Love goes forth everywhere. It is the law of my life. I am grateful for this absolute truth and the power of it, I let it be and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Step Up and Step Out

I am one with the One. The One almighty Power and Presence is in, through and all around me. I am never alone. I am divinely comforted and lead to green pastures and to still waters. I am immersed in the pure and caring love of a serene spirit.

I step into my authority and step out to express strength with love, truth and understanding. God-in-me knows all that I need to know and reveals it to me clearly and concisely. Divine wisdom works through me and with me, unfolding a fuller expression of intent. I see myself as how I can be and how I would like to be as a Divine Self–a perfect expression of God’s idea made manifest.

I choose the high road of non-resistance and accept what I cannot change and change what I can. I fully trust that the universe is conspiring for my good. By releasing “how,” I am free of fear and confidently rely on the universe to do its spiritual magic. I choose to have a spiritual experience with life. “Spiritual experience is deep, calm and self-assertive; it is the result of actually realizing that presence which binds all together in one complete whole.” This is the Truth of my being. I release this to the law, knowing and believing that it is complete. I give thanks and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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The Victory is Complete

There is one Power, one Mind, one Life and that is God. It is my life now. It is within me, around me and everywhere present. I am one with the God-Self and the God-Self expresses as me and through me. I live in a perfect Presence of Truth and Light. I am victoriously free by God’s grace.

Within me, is a life giving energy that powerfully anchors me in peace and serenity. Every tissue, cell, organ and fiber of my being is infused with love’s vibrant wholeness and vitality. I don’t indulge in self-condemnation or destructive thinking. I am grateful for every experience that gives me an opportunity to love others and myself more. I surrender to the triumphant power of love and praise, knowing that a thankful heart is in harmony with life.

I rise into a fresh spiritual consciousness of innocence, purity and holiness. I rejoice in new beginnings, as I celebrate a Divine awakening to a fuller expression and closer relationship with the God of my being. The victory is complete. This is the reality of my life. With a grateful heart and mind, I let this be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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The Truth Will Set Me Free

My spirit is the individualization of the Spirit of God. The Mind of God surrounds me and is responsive to me. I am the embodiment of Divine Truth. There is no darkness in my experience for the light of Truth guides and protects me. I am governed by the eternal light of spirit that illuminates my way.

The Divine Truth frees up energy to devote to a larger vision and makes space for blessings to flow in. Making the best out of everything is honoring the divinity in all of creation and creates positive results. Truth is wholeness and in harmony with the Divine force of life. I am consciously aware of its activity as a course of right action, a creation of love and a more abundant life.

The Truth of my perfection in God is established in my experience. I am divine. I am abundant. I am well. I am perfect. I am whole. I am complete. The activity of God is the Truth of my being. I am free. I am Spirit made manifest. In gratitude, I declare that this is the truth, I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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I Surrender

Surrender is not weakness, it is the courage to recognize when to let go and to
assertively, let God be God. Surrender is an inner state of being. It allows me to
trust in the unseen side of life and to maintain a consciousness of non-resistance.
I have chosen to follow a positive, affirmative and constructive action of thought.
As I surrender to this choice, I am free of fear, doubt and worry. Peaceful thoughts
flow through my mind and my heart and my body responds with ease. My thoughts remain
in alignment with my vision.

I rely on the all-knowing power of spirit to empower me and to inspire me with
limitless ideas and possibilities. I refrain from interfering with the Divine Plan of
my life. The results are always complete and perfect. I rest back in the everlasting
arms of the Infinite with a new found freedom of surrender.

I bless and appreciate everyone and everything in my life. I accomplish all that I do
with grace and ease on time, in time and every time. With a grateful heart and a
sound mind, I give thanks, knowing that this is my reality and my experience now and
forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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