Love Maintains the Unity of Spirit

I am one with God and God is love, therefore I am one with the unifying principle of love. As love unifies, it establishes a complete recognition of harmony and creates a new consciousness of power. This power opens up new channels to express the self. This self is a complete self. Within the self is everything essential to the attainment of its desires.

In recognition of the unity of spirit, there is only divine love. There is no conflict, no barrier, and no obstruction. The principle of love unifies all conditions with my desires. There is only unity of being everywhere manifest. I am whole, positive and complete at all times. Love eliminates all sense of separation from the God-Mind, as it is its harmonious activity. Only harmony prevails in my experience because I have established within myself the recognition of love, the unifying principle of Spirit. This principle of Divine Love goes forth everywhere. It is the law of my life. I am grateful for this absolute truth and the power of it, I let it be and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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