Step Up and Step Out

I am one with the One. The One almighty Power and Presence is in, through and all around me. I am never alone. I am divinely comforted and lead to green pastures and to still waters. I am immersed in the pure and caring love of a serene spirit.

I step into my authority and step out to express strength with love, truth and understanding. God-in-me knows all that I need to know and reveals it to me clearly and concisely. Divine wisdom works through me and with me, unfolding a fuller expression of intent. I see myself as how I can be and how I would like to be as a Divine Self–a perfect expression of God’s idea made manifest.

I choose the high road of non-resistance and accept what I cannot change and change what I can. I fully trust that the universe is conspiring for my good. By releasing “how,” I am free of fear and confidently rely on the universe to do its spiritual magic. I choose to have a spiritual experience with life. “Spiritual experience is deep, calm and self-assertive; it is the result of actually realizing that presence which binds all together in one complete whole.” This is the Truth of my being. I release this to the law, knowing and believing that it is complete. I give thanks and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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