I Surrender

Surrender is not weakness, it is the courage to recognize when to let go and to
assertively, let God be God. Surrender is an inner state of being. It allows me to
trust in the unseen side of life and to maintain a consciousness of non-resistance.
I have chosen to follow a positive, affirmative and constructive action of thought.
As I surrender to this choice, I am free of fear, doubt and worry. Peaceful thoughts
flow through my mind and my heart and my body responds with ease. My thoughts remain
in alignment with my vision.

I rely on the all-knowing power of spirit to empower me and to inspire me with
limitless ideas and possibilities. I refrain from interfering with the Divine Plan of
my life. The results are always complete and perfect. I rest back in the everlasting
arms of the Infinite with a new found freedom of surrender.

I bless and appreciate everyone and everything in my life. I accomplish all that I do
with grace and ease on time, in time and every time. With a grateful heart and a
sound mind, I give thanks, knowing that this is my reality and my experience now and
forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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