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The Treasure is Within

I recognize that the Kingdom of Heaven is within me. I could never be separated from that which created me in its image and likeness. I live in unity with God-mind. I am a center of God-consciousness. Heaven is my inward state of consciousness. The Divine presence is alive, conscious and ever active by means of me.

I have been given the greatest treasure of all, a life that is established in spiritual power. I am eternally connected to an ever-present power of love and harmony that surrounds my world. This realization reveals my union with all of life and allows me to see God’s Divine creation in everyone and everything.

The Spirit of wisdom guides my every thought, feeling and action correctly so that I become a living embodiment of wholeness, completeness and perfection. I maintain a strong mental attitude that strengthens my creative thinking and keeps me in the highest possible state of consciousness. Living in harmony with the Spirit and accordance with Divine will, consistently prospers all that I do.

In gratitude and acceptance, I embrace this wisdom and glory in the treasure of my divinity. I release this word as the mold, acting through law that is now producing the right form as my reality and experience. With eternal faith and gratitude, I let this be, knowing it is done, and so it is.

Rev. Pam

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Divine Cooperation

I am at one with God, my inner power and infinite good. I rejoice and give thanks that I am the consciousness of Divine cooperation, working in harmony with the forces of the universe. Everything I need is already available and easily accessible.

I set aside any small-minded ideas, free myself from all negative energy and let the full functioning power of spirit peacefully guide me to what is right and true. Love and forgiveness inspire me and empower cooperation, which brings forth an abundance of opportunities in perfect alignment with my intentions.

The universe is for me, with me and operates in and through and all around me fulfilling my highest expectations. The infinite energy of life flows through me, radiating love, joy, peace and kindness to whatever comes my way.

I accept that I already am that which I desire to be. I feel the full cooperation of creative mind at the center of my being working out every detail in wondrous ways I know not of. I see my intentions materialized now. With heart-felt gratitude, I give thanks, accepting that this is so, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Divine Self-Expression

I am at one with God’s presence and power. This is the only Truth that I embody and that embodies me. My consciousness is the completeness of Divine ideas expressing uniquely as me. As co-creator with this Infinite power, I accept all of my experiences as golden opportunities to grow and express more God-life.

My path is rich with Divine understanding and I am always guided with grace and ease to the fulfillment of every idea. I am motivated by God-power that reaches beyond what I can see and spreads its positive influence all around me.

As I move forward to greater accomplishments, the momentum increases and deepens, directing me on a steady and consistent path of God-filled vision. I actively express an ever-increasing sense of vitality, joy, and enthusiasm in all that I do. I accept that my talents, skills and abilities are God-ordained, providing me with all that is necessary for their full and complete expression. I delight in consciously expressing my Divine Self in a spirit of love, wisdom and harmony.

I now give thanks and release this word into the great law of mind knowing it is done, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Are You Raining on Your Own Parade?

Have you ever had those moments when your mind is chattering so much it seems to be taking up all the real estate in your brain?  That’s when your vitality and inspiration often go into foreclosure.

Are you raining on your own parade?  No matter how evolved or enlightened we are, there are times when the spark of enthusiasm just doesn’t seem to be forthcoming. Enthusiasm is contagious and it delights in having playmates.  When met with apathy, enthusiasm can diminish and dissolve into disappointment.  These are the times we have to reach much deeper, to the depths of our soul, followed by a conscious choice to be renewed, re-inspired and refueled with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a divine state of mind. The Greek words en-theos, mean in God.  Feeling enthusiastic is having God inside of us. That’s inspiring! Why not greet life’s challenges with inspiration instead of desperation?  Everything always gets better, that’s a given.  After a good rain, the sun shines.  Something within you knows the right thing to do, the right choice to make.  You are filled with goodness, courage, strength and brilliance that is still untouched.  We are here on earth for about a nano-second. Why not make the best of it, one thought at a time?  Constructive thoughts produce constructive results.

Be kind to yourself!  Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Being thankful  brings us right back to enthusiasm.  Make a list of all the things you are grateful for and watch them multiply!!

An article by Rev. Pam
(published in the Tolucan Times June 2013)

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I am one with the one mind, the one life and the one power. This is the power of good and it is within and all around every part of my being; it is limitless, eternal, supreme and far-reaching in its action. I see the good in all people. My complete acceptance and recognition of this truth re-enforces my consciousness of perfect clarity, in loving relationships, radiant health, consistent happiness, ever-increasing wealth and creative self-expression.

I am successfully prospered in all my ways. I am a cheerful giver and a grateful receiver. I consciously accept the responsibility and sacred privilege of actively expressing my creative abilities, talents and skills as a function of my divine authority. I am certain that my consciousness of loving peace causes me to act in harmonious and constructive ways and others to do the same. Constructive thoughts produce constructive results.

With gratitude, absolute trust and invincible faith, I declare this word as sound and complete in the law. With a joyous expectancy, I graciously release this with peace and confidence, knowing, feeling, believing and embodying the complete fulfillment as a perfect demonstration in my life now, and so It Is!

Rev. Pam

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