The Treasure is Within

I recognize that the Kingdom of Heaven is within me. I could never be separated from that which created me in its image and likeness. I live in unity with God-mind. I am a center of God-consciousness. Heaven is my inward state of consciousness. The Divine presence is alive, conscious and ever active by means of me.

I have been given the greatest treasure of all, a life that is established in spiritual power. I am eternally connected to an ever-present power of love and harmony that surrounds my world. This realization reveals my union with all of life and allows me to see God’s Divine creation in everyone and everything.

The Spirit of wisdom guides my every thought, feeling and action correctly so that I become a living embodiment of wholeness, completeness and perfection. I maintain a strong mental attitude that strengthens my creative thinking and keeps me in the highest possible state of consciousness. Living in harmony with the Spirit and accordance with Divine will, consistently prospers all that I do.

In gratitude and acceptance, I embrace this wisdom and glory in the treasure of my divinity. I release this word as the mold, acting through law that is now producing the right form as my reality and experience. With eternal faith and gratitude, I let this be, knowing it is done, and so it is.

Rev. Pam

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