Divine Cooperation

I am at one with God, my inner power and infinite good. I rejoice and give thanks that I am the consciousness of Divine cooperation, working in harmony with the forces of the universe. Everything I need is already available and easily accessible.

I set aside any small-minded ideas, free myself from all negative energy and let the full functioning power of spirit peacefully guide me to what is right and true. Love and forgiveness inspire me and empower cooperation, which brings forth an abundance of opportunities in perfect alignment with my intentions.

The universe is for me, with me and operates in and through and all around me fulfilling my highest expectations. The infinite energy of life flows through me, radiating love, joy, peace and kindness to whatever comes my way.

I accept that I already am that which I desire to be. I feel the full cooperation of creative mind at the center of my being working out every detail in wondrous ways I know not of. I see my intentions materialized now. With heart-felt gratitude, I give thanks, accepting that this is so, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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