Divine Self-Expression

I am at one with God’s presence and power. This is the only Truth that I embody and that embodies me. My consciousness is the completeness of Divine ideas expressing uniquely as me. As co-creator with this Infinite power, I accept all of my experiences as golden opportunities to grow and express more God-life.

My path is rich with Divine understanding and I am always guided with grace and ease to the fulfillment of every idea. I am motivated by God-power that reaches beyond what I can see and spreads its positive influence all around me.

As I move forward to greater accomplishments, the momentum increases and deepens, directing me on a steady and consistent path of God-filled vision. I actively express an ever-increasing sense of vitality, joy, and enthusiasm in all that I do. I accept that my talents, skills and abilities are God-ordained, providing me with all that is necessary for their full and complete expression. I delight in consciously expressing my Divine Self in a spirit of love, wisdom and harmony.

I now give thanks and release this word into the great law of mind knowing it is done, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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