I am one with the one mind, the one life and the one power. This is the power of good and it is within and all around every part of my being; it is limitless, eternal, supreme and far-reaching in its action. I see the good in all people. My complete acceptance and recognition of this truth re-enforces my consciousness of perfect clarity, in loving relationships, radiant health, consistent happiness, ever-increasing wealth and creative self-expression.

I am successfully prospered in all my ways. I am a cheerful giver and a grateful receiver. I consciously accept the responsibility and sacred privilege of actively expressing my creative abilities, talents and skills as a function of my divine authority. I am certain that my consciousness of loving peace causes me to act in harmonious and constructive ways and others to do the same. Constructive thoughts produce constructive results.

With gratitude, absolute trust and invincible faith, I declare this word as sound and complete in the law. With a joyous expectancy, I graciously release this with peace and confidence, knowing, feeling, believing and embodying the complete fulfillment as a perfect demonstration in my life now, and so It Is!

Rev. Pam

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