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The Action of Affirmative Power Responds to Me

I am one with the one Mind, the one Life and the one Power.
This power is a power of limitless good that is within and around every part of my being. It opens channels through which my good can be shared and expressed for the good of all.

The action of affirmative power responds to me in right and perfect ways. It brings greater happiness, health, wealth and creative self-expression to everyone I meet. I identify only with the progress of right action and perfect order. I only give power to what I desire to experience. My thought patterns produce constructive and affirmative experiences.

I depend on Divine principle, which causes everything I do to prosper and succeed. My actions are governed by the guidance of Divine wisdom. I see all beings as prosperous and successful, filled with limitless potential and creative power.

This word dissolves anything in opposition to Truth and goes forth and accomplishes the complete and right affirmative manifestation. I give thanks for this completed demonstration and declare that it is my experience now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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God at the Center

There is one heart, one mind, one cell, and one spirit, created in the image of perfection. I am one with this perfection. All power is at the heart of God. I am the Allness of God. Deep within me is the pure essence of Spirit moving in and through all life. I am holy energy, peaceful and calm and never separate from the harmonious source of all life.

The hills, valleys and mountaintops of life are an opportunity to know the Truth at a deeper level. God the good is everywhere. God at the center is wholeness and changeless. I live consistently in the realization that this good forever sustains me. I am centered, stable and consistent in my consciousness of the one life expressing pure divinity.

Spirit is ever giving and I am an embodiment of that Reality. I stay poised and peaceful and my direction is definite. I focus on the good and good multiplies. My good thoughts produce good results. I accept the fullness of life, the joy of my being and a power for good that is limitless, eternal and supreme. For all of this,
I am truly grateful. I let it be now, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Love Is

Love is the nature of God. I am the same nature as God and I am the expression of God as love, being love. Love as a being thing, heals and blesses. Love is unconditional and includes everything and everyone. Love is an experience, an expression that makes life richer. Love doesn’t need, it is complete.

Love asks for nothing in return. Love keeps on loving. Love is free from attachment. Love is kindhearted, sensitive and forgiving. Love is seeing clearly and responding in the moment of awareness. Love has no defense and no protection. Love is not dependent upon person, place or thing. Love is inclusive.

Love resides within each person waiting to be discovered. Love is already full.
Love is a result of who I am, not a reward for what I think, say or do. I deserve my love.

I am love. I am loving. I am love-ful. I am living in a loving world. I am so grateful for love and for being loved. Let there be love on earth and let it begin with me.

Rev. Pam

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Looking For Love… in all the wrong places?

A Message About Love from Rev. Pam
(Published in the Tolucan Times February 2013)

It is that time of year again!! Traditionally, the month of February is about Love – being a Valentine or finding one. This seems to be one of the biggest button-pusher days of the year. Many people avoid February 14th because it brings up what they feel they don’t have or what they wish they had – that one special meaningful relationship.

Let’s look at love, not as a sentimental attachment to someone, but as an attitude, a behavior, a way of being – a “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”

Love is among those things that words can’t describe. We can feel love and we can see the results of what it can do, but it is hard to define. When somebody cares about us, everything seems to get better in life. Then we soon discover that love, appreciation, respect and admiration must happen within us first. Love lifts us up and liberates us! A negative self-image is like living in shackles. We can never be free until we understand that love is not exclusive; it is inclusive and not meant to be reserved for special people or special occasions.

I have seen love heal the seemingly unhealable and move the grouchiest of people to happiness, peace of mind and compassion. Falling in love with yourself might be mandatory, and is definitely a good place to start!! If there is anything better than to be loved, it is to be loving.

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I Am Unique

I am a unique expression of the One Creative Force, the One Energy of Life and the One Power of Love, which is called God, infinite good. I exist so that the One Creative Power may have another, unique outlet for its expression. I am a unique presentation of the Cosmic Whole.

Through me, the voice of God is heard. The more God flows through me, the more of life I express. There is nobody like me in the entire world. I have unique talents, skills and abilities, unlike anyone else’s. I value the rarity that I am. I am more than adequate. I draw from limitless spiritual power that makes all things possible. As God-mind, I am sure of myself, sure of what I am doing and certain of the results of my endeavors. I am a divine Reality.

I am abundant in wisdom and love and choose to live in harmony with all of God’s creations. I am unified in my thinking and actions. I stay in tune with my highest good and know that limitless good is normal and natural for every one. I celebrate my uniqueness. I am here to shine God’s light of love to the world.

With heart-felt gratitude, I affirm that I am unique and that this uniqueness is expansive and rich in its value and usefulness to the world. I now release this, I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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