God at the Center

There is one heart, one mind, one cell, and one spirit, created in the image of perfection. I am one with this perfection. All power is at the heart of God. I am the Allness of God. Deep within me is the pure essence of Spirit moving in and through all life. I am holy energy, peaceful and calm and never separate from the harmonious source of all life.

The hills, valleys and mountaintops of life are an opportunity to know the Truth at a deeper level. God the good is everywhere. God at the center is wholeness and changeless. I live consistently in the realization that this good forever sustains me. I am centered, stable and consistent in my consciousness of the one life expressing pure divinity.

Spirit is ever giving and I am an embodiment of that Reality. I stay poised and peaceful and my direction is definite. I focus on the good and good multiplies. My good thoughts produce good results. I accept the fullness of life, the joy of my being and a power for good that is limitless, eternal and supreme. For all of this,
I am truly grateful. I let it be now, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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