A Message About Love from Rev. Pam
(February 2013)

It is that time of year again!! Traditionally, the month of February is about Love – being a Valentine or finding one. This seems to be one of the biggest button-pusher days of the year. Many people avoid February 14th because it brings up what they feel they don’t have or what they wish they had – that one special meaningful relationship.

Let’s look at love, not as a sentimental attachment to someone, but as an attitude, a behavior, a way of being – a “do unto others as we would have them do unto us.”

Love is among those things that words can’t describe. We can feel love and we can see the results of what it can do, but it is hard to define.  When somebody cares about us, everything seems to get better in life. Then we soon discover that love, appreciation, respect and admiration must happen within us first. Love lifts us up and liberates us!  A negative self-image is like living in shackles. We can never be free until we understand that love is not exclusive; it is inclusive and not meant to be reserved for special people or special occasions.

I have seen love heal the seemingly unhealable and move the grouchiest of people to happiness, peace of mind and compassion. Falling in love with yourself might be mandatory, and is definitely a good place to start!! If there is anything better than to be loved, it is to be loving.