I Am Unique

I am a unique expression of the One Creative Force, the One Energy of Life and the One Power of Love, which is called God, infinite good. I exist so that the One Creative Power may have another, unique outlet for its expression. I am a unique presentation of the Cosmic Whole.

Through me, the voice of God is heard. The more God flows through me, the more of life I express. There is nobody like me in the entire world. I have unique talents, skills and abilities, unlike anyone else’s. I value the rarity that I am. I am more than adequate. I draw from limitless spiritual power that makes all things possible. As God-mind, I am sure of myself, sure of what I am doing and certain of the results of my endeavors. I am a divine Reality.

I am abundant in wisdom and love and choose to live in harmony with all of God’s creations. I am unified in my thinking and actions. I stay in tune with my highest good and know that limitless good is normal and natural for every one. I celebrate my uniqueness. I am here to shine God’s light of love to the world.

With heart-felt gratitude, I affirm that I am unique and that this uniqueness is expansive and rich in its value and usefulness to the world. I now release this, I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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