Love Is

Love is the nature of God. I am the same nature as God and I am the expression of God as love, being love. Love as a being thing, heals and blesses. Love is unconditional and includes everything and everyone. Love is an experience, an expression that makes life richer. Love doesn’t need, it is complete.

Love asks for nothing in return. Love keeps on loving. Love is free from attachment. Love is kindhearted, sensitive and forgiving. Love is seeing clearly and responding in the moment of awareness. Love has no defense and no protection. Love is not dependent upon person, place or thing. Love is inclusive.

Love resides within each person waiting to be discovered. Love is already full.
Love is a result of who I am, not a reward for what I think, say or do. I deserve my love.

I am love. I am loving. I am love-ful. I am living in a loving world. I am so grateful for love and for being loved. Let there be love on earth and let it begin with me.

Rev. Pam

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