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I Maintain a Consistent, Affirmative Attitude

I am firmly established in principle. I believe in the all-rightness of myself. I am not influenced by outer appearances or controlled by what others think or want me to do. My mind is quiet and alert and responsive to the still, small voice of truth. I release any desire, need or motivation to judge or criticize myself. I have the right attitude toward myself, about life and the people in my individualized world. I believe that God has created me and everyone else as complete and adequate. My belief has consistent and full power and is absolutely sufficient for each endeavor.

Divine principle expresses success in me at all times. I put myself wholeheartedly into my work. Each thing I do is accomplished efficiently, affirmatively and in perfect time-on time, in time and every time.

My consistent, affirmative attitude coordinates all action and brings harmony and joy to all of my experiences. I am the positive action of God Knowing. With absolute trust and invincible faith, I give thanks, accepting this to be so now, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Come Out from Under that Bushel! – August 16, 2015

At the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles, you will hear relevant messages, by Rev. Pam MacGregor, that you can apply to everyday life. This month’s theme is It’s Up to You.

The desire for happiness is a universal one. Within every one of us there exists an inherent yearning to know its source and assure that it is constantly on tap in our lives. In fact, most of us invest our hearts, minds and spirits in going about accomplishing this. This month’s Talks will provide the inner spiritual technology for understanding that running up against our doubts, fears, and insecurities doesn’t have to prevent us from arriving at happiness. Listen every week as we explore how incorporating all the facets of our lives in our practice contributes to harmonizing mind, body, and spirit.

The topic on August 16, 2015, was Come Out from Under that Bushel! The Spirit within that ignites our light of beingness is not meant to be concealed; it is meant to be revealed. The parable of the lamp under a bushel appears in three different places in the Bible and once in the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas. Allowing the radiant light of our being to shine through all aspects of our lives is the way it amplifies, multiplies, and accelerates our gifts, talents, skills, and therefore our abundance.

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I Am Not Influenced By Outer Effects

When I am tempted to judge by appearances, I remind myself of the Golden Rule and that the activity of God maintains the harmony of my being. This action of affirmative power responds to me, independent of any appearance or circumstance.

The truth is always revealed to me and forever established in my experience. I believe that these words and the power of them have converted, neutralized and dissolved any doubt, fear or false belief in limitation so that I am now permanently free and released from the past. My consciousness of oneness sees through the seen to the unseen. I let go of that which was little and expect a larger concept and increase of life to enter.

My desires and creative self-expression are guided by the wisdom of God into successful achievement. With a grateful heart and a sound mind, I now accept that the abundant expression of the Divine Spirit is flowing through me in new and wonderful ways. I let this be so, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Here’s Looking at You…

Look in the mirror today and love what you see.
You are unlimited potential.
There is no need to wait for anyone or for anything else to happen.
You are not only flooded with inspiration and over flowing with creative ideas, you are the only channel for the complete and successful expression of those ideas.
Your worth is divine and pure and limitless.
You are the perfect fit for your expression.
The Universe is a raving fan of yours–it is with you and for you at all times, so do what you came to do because only you can do it.
You are fueled with confidence and trust and relieved of all doubt and fear.
Your success is absolutely guaranteed.
You are the best. You are IT now! Your time is now!
And, so it is!!

Rev. Pam

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I Am Ready

I am one with the One. God at the center of me is perfect life- perfect being. I am a center of God-Conscious life and power. I am in a God-Mind greater than I am, which knows more than I know. I am immersed in Divine Intelligence, a Divine Pattern and a Divine Plan. All avenues are open for the full expression of what I am. My consciousness is clear and I am fully prepared to accept the good that is unfolding before me. I anticipate good and consciously imagine good materializing in everything I do. God in me, as good, causes good to outpour through me. The law of my being establishes peace and harmony everywhere I go.

I have an infinite capacity to achieve and to accomplish. I direct and channel that capacity in positive, uplifting and constructive ways. As I become more aware of this almighty power and potential that is within me, I recognize I must let it happen, let it come and let it flow through me and out into my experience. I am adequate and complete within myself. I am not waiting for someone else or for conditions to change. I am waiting only upon myself and I recognize that now I am ready for a larger experience of increased prosperity, a greater consciousness of health and wholeness and for a deeper and fuller expression of true and abiding love and joy. I accept this Truth as my experience and am grateful for this complete demonstration. I release this to the great law of mind and let it do its perfect work, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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