I Am Ready

I am one with the One. God at the center of me is perfect life- perfect being. I am a center of God-Conscious life and power. I am in a God-Mind greater than I am, which knows more than I know. I am immersed in Divine Intelligence, a Divine Pattern and a Divine Plan. All avenues are open for the full expression of what I am. My consciousness is clear and I am fully prepared to accept the good that is unfolding before me. I anticipate good and consciously imagine good materializing in everything I do. God in me, as good, causes good to outpour through me. The law of my being establishes peace and harmony everywhere I go.

I have an infinite capacity to achieve and to accomplish. I direct and channel that capacity in positive, uplifting and constructive ways. As I become more aware of this almighty power and potential that is within me, I recognize I must let it happen, let it come and let it flow through me and out into my experience. I am adequate and complete within myself. I am not waiting for someone else or for conditions to change. I am waiting only upon myself and I recognize that now I am ready for a larger experience of increased prosperity, a greater consciousness of health and wholeness and for a deeper and fuller expression of true and abiding love and joy. I accept this Truth as my experience and am grateful for this complete demonstration. I release this to the great law of mind and let it do its perfect work, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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