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Inner and Outer Balance

My complete reliance upon the Spirit that dwells within me, anchors me in peace, poise and power. Regardless of outer appearances and circumstances, the stabilizing energy of Spirit, keeps me balanced and harmonized.

I identify with success and abundance. I am in partnership with the Infinite. Infinite intelligence acting through me makes all accomplishments effortless and easy. Divine guidance assures me of perfect results. Every demonstration is immediate and instantaneous through the action of Creative Mind, acting through my consciousness. Right decision followed by right action and balanced with love and wisdom assures me of peace and right success. I rejoice in the acceptance of this Truth as my reality and my experience now and forever, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Love is Who I Am

I am one with the creative power of spirit expressing as the beloved. I am the presence of the divine. I am the vessel for the power that glorifies and radiates peace, love and light. I am a holy self, embodying the fullness of love and life in every experience.

I am a consciousness immersed in love. The everlasting arms of kindness, strength and warmth support me. As I reach out to greet the God in everyone, I feel only one heartbeat that belongs to everybody

I honor the sacred space of the present moment and surrender to its humility. My true nature is love-it is the essence of who I am. As I listen to my heart, I hear the voice of Truth speaking with love and wisdom. Infinite love surrounds me and infinite mind directs me. I am immersed in the riches of the universe that responds to my thought and acts upon it. I know with certainty that all life is the absolute perfection of God’s love in action, for this I am grateful, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Song of Life

Enjoy these meditative and healing words of Ernest Holmes from his book, This Thing Called You.

As you enter into life, feeling the Divine Presence in everything, more and more you will hear a Song of Joy singing at the center of your being. You have only to be still and listen to this Song of Life, for it is always there. Say:

Knowing that the loving Presence is always closer to me than my very breath, I have nothing to fear. I feel this loving protection around me.

I know that the Song of Joy, of Love and of Peace, is forever chanting its hymn of praise and beauty at the center of my being, therefore I tune out of my mind all unhappy and negative ideas.

I turn the dial of my thought into the sunshine of life, into brightness and laughter, into the joyous presence of radiant Spirit.

I lay aside all anxiety, all striving, and let the law of Divine Love operate through me into my affairs.

Joyfully I anticipate greater abundance, more success and a deeper peace.

Joy wells up within my mind and Life sings Its song of ecstasy in my heart.

Rev. Pam

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Nothing is Missing

As a unique, individualized expression of Spirit, I am wholeness itself. I am as whole as I will ever be; I am as complete as I will ever be. Nothing needs to be added or subtracted from that which is already whole, because nothing is missing.

This very moment, just as it is, is full and complete; it has no need to become more or to become less. It is totally and potently alive. This moment, and every one that follows, are limitless. I don’t even have to ask, for there is always a full moment right here, right now. Nothing is missing.

Every bird is singing its unique song, free of pretense, judgment, or comparison. Each one accepts travel delays and changes in weather as a natural part of existence. When it is time, it flies to its next destination without hesitation, doubt or fear. And so do I, because I know nothing is missing.

I see the sky is still up there being the sky-changing colors, creating clouds, showcasing the stars, the sun, the moon, the planets and beyond. It rains and shines on the just and the unjust alike. It is filled with magic, wonder, strength and promise. Stable and sturdy, it stays right above me like a protective ceiling. I completely trust the sky. Nothing is missing.

Rev. Pam

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I See Myself as the Limitless Expression of Spirit

I See Myself as the Limitless Expression of Spirit
I am one with the presence, the power, the mind and the life of Spirit.
I am unified with a positive course of action.
I am a perfect expression of God’s idea.
I see a unique self as the only power and presence operative in everything I do.
I see my expression as God’s thought and idea.
I only see this God-conscious self in all of its infiniteness of being.
Every channel is open and brings a perfect manifestation.
What I am able to envision can be fulfilled.
There is nothing that can prevent principle from working in and through me.
I remain steadfast in my purpose.
I see myself as God’s perfect idea.
I look through the appearance and see things as I want them to be.
Every avenue is open for the perfect expression of my vision.
I see myself as the limitless expression of Spirit, and so it.

Rev. Pam

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