Nothing is Missing

As a unique, individualized expression of Spirit, I am wholeness itself. I am as whole as I will ever be; I am as complete as I will ever be. Nothing needs to be added or subtracted from that which is already whole, because nothing is missing.

This very moment, just as it is, is full and complete; it has no need to become more or to become less. It is totally and potently alive. This moment, and every one that follows, are limitless. I don’t even have to ask, for there is always a full moment right here, right now. Nothing is missing.

Every bird is singing its unique song, free of pretense, judgment, or comparison. Each one accepts travel delays and changes in weather as a natural part of existence. When it is time, it flies to its next destination without hesitation, doubt or fear. And so do I, because I know nothing is missing.

I see the sky is still up there being the sky-changing colors, creating clouds, showcasing the stars, the sun, the moon, the planets and beyond. It rains and shines on the just and the unjust alike. It is filled with magic, wonder, strength and promise. Stable and sturdy, it stays right above me like a protective ceiling. I completely trust the sky. Nothing is missing.

Rev. Pam

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