Love is Who I Am

I am one with the creative power of spirit expressing as the beloved. I am the presence of the divine. I am the vessel for the power that glorifies and radiates peace, love and light. I am a holy self, embodying the fullness of love and life in every experience.

I am a consciousness immersed in love. The everlasting arms of kindness, strength and warmth support me. As I reach out to greet the God in everyone, I feel only one heartbeat that belongs to everybody

I honor the sacred space of the present moment and surrender to its humility. My true nature is love-it is the essence of who I am. As I listen to my heart, I hear the voice of Truth speaking with love and wisdom. Infinite love surrounds me and infinite mind directs me. I am immersed in the riches of the universe that responds to my thought and acts upon it. I know with certainty that all life is the absolute perfection of God’s love in action, for this I am grateful, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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