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I Live in Abundance

I am one with Spirit and nothing can separate me from the power within. I am in partnership with the Infinite. Divine action is successfully active and operative in everything I do. I identify with the positive action of consistent abundance. My cup runneth over with lavish good.

I accept and enjoy a rich abundant life in every form. I contribute my gifts and talents to the world. I celebrate the joy of living and giving and prosper in all my ways. The all-sufficiency of a limitless source meets my every need and consistently provides for me.

I see limitless abundance present everywhere, flowing through all things, blessing, enriching and embracing all. I rejoice in the full action of abundance in all my affairs. My ideas are prosperous and their appearance is immediate. I am overflowing with gratitude and flooded with blessings. I rejoice and give thanks for this absolute Truth, I let it be and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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On Meeting All Situations

Divine Wisdom guides me, and I know at all times what to do. I am not subject to mistakes. I cannot make blunders. There is no carelessness, no slovenness in me. At all times, Infinite Intelligence illumines me and guides me in my way. I live in accordance with light.

I accept my past as it stands. I do not rebel against it. I have no condemnation for its mistakes, its shortcomings, or its failures. It represents steps on my pathway. I know that the TRUTH of ME is greater than my appearances of failure. This TRUTH completely erases any negativity.

I cannot repeat these mistakes, because my LIGHT is fuller and more complete now. I have grown in my comprehension of Infinite Spirit.

The Power within me is adequate to meet every situation that confronts me. My mind is illumined. It sees clearly and acts wisely.

I have no fear of mistakes or errors, for Infinite Mind in me knows at all times what to do.

THE ALL-KNOWING MIND SUSTAINS ME.    – The Bellevue Meditations 1927 – Robert Hervey Bitzer

Rev. Pam

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I Am Ever Evolving

I am one with all of life.
I belong to the universe in which I live.
There is a divine pattern within me that is seeking to manifest through me.
Life lives through me as radiant health, peace, joy, success and happiness.
I accept myself as the unique individual I was created to be.
Forever, growing, changing and evolving, I accept and appreciate
all the possibilities offered me on this journey.

I am God being me in full expression—body, mind and spirit.
I walk through darkness recognizing it is an illusion and I see the
light of Truth overcomes darkness.
I stay aligned with the kingdom at hand and let the light of love illumine my way.
I am on a great adventure, being guided by a mighty power that gives life to everything.
I respect the law of progress and look ahead with joyous expectancy that every new experience is a delight.
All avenues are open and right action governs.
I am grateful for this fulfilled and complete demonstration, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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Living Wisely

I am one with the Presence, the Power and the Mind of God, Infinite good. The God thought of me expresses through me as an active power and influence for good. I am motivated by a creative power that allows me to cope effectively with anything coming into my life. My being attracts good into my experience. There is no limit to the good that is available to me. I accept eternal goodness.

I am the consciousness of wisdom and I govern my own thinking. There is unity, divine cooperation and joyous gratitude all around me. I think rightly and love greatly. I belong to the universe and am perfectly maintained by its power. I am secure knowing that divine intelligence guides me and directs me into right experiences. I listen to my deepest wisdom self and act in accordance with it. I partake in the rich ideas from Spirit that fill my heart with love and my mind with power. I am peaceful, loving and wise. I am grateful for life and all that it gives me. In gratitude, I let this be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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