I Am Ever Evolving

I am one with all of life.
I belong to the universe in which I live.
There is a divine pattern within me that is seeking to manifest through me.
Life lives through me as radiant health, peace, joy, success and happiness.
I accept myself as the unique individual I was created to be.
Forever, growing, changing and evolving, I accept and appreciate
all the possibilities offered me on this journey.

I am God being me in full expression—body, mind and spirit.
I walk through darkness recognizing it is an illusion and I see the
light of Truth overcomes darkness.
I stay aligned with the kingdom at hand and let the light of love illumine my way.
I am on a great adventure, being guided by a mighty power that gives life to everything.
I respect the law of progress and look ahead with joyous expectancy that every new experience is a delight.
All avenues are open and right action governs.
I am grateful for this fulfilled and complete demonstration, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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