On Meeting All Situations

Divine Wisdom guides me, and I know at all times what to do. I am not subject to mistakes. I cannot make blunders. There is no carelessness, no slovenness in me. At all times, Infinite Intelligence illumines me and guides me in my way. I live in accordance with light.

I accept my past as it stands. I do not rebel against it. I have no condemnation for its mistakes, its shortcomings, or its failures. It represents steps on my pathway. I know that the TRUTH of ME is greater than my appearances of failure. This TRUTH completely erases any negativity.

I cannot repeat these mistakes, because my LIGHT is fuller and more complete now. I have grown in my comprehension of Infinite Spirit.

The Power within me is adequate to meet every situation that confronts me. My mind is illumined. It sees clearly and acts wisely.

I have no fear of mistakes or errors, for Infinite Mind in me knows at all times what to do.

THE ALL-KNOWING MIND SUSTAINS ME.    – The Bellevue Meditations 1927 – Robert Hervey Bitzer

Rev. Pam

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