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Passion Illuminates the Way

I am one with all that is. I am wholeness expressed as God-Being everywhere present. I am complete in the realization that an active power of divine energy is in, through and around me directing all of my actions. Everything in my life aligns with this pattern of Truth and dissolves all fear. I am illumined and sustained by the everlasting spark of Truth.

My whole being is the out-picturing of a loving, healthy and harmonious attitude of divine passion. This journey of life is tempered to every expression, every action and every form of intelligence. I am intelligence immersed in the spirit of love and purpose, which motivates, governs and continually empowers my life expression.

I am eternally grateful to know, “With God all things are possible.” I believe this is the absolute Truth with no exception or limitation of any kind. I am in harmonious agreement with the heartbeat of God that guides me to freely express my passion with confidence and calm assurance.

This word is already established in Universal Intelligence as a clear and steadfast demonstration, I give thanks and let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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What Is Science of Mind?

The Science of Mind (often referred to as the “Textbook”) is the definitive treatise written by Ernest Holmes about the teachings of Science of Mind. In January each year, in Science of Mind Centers throughout the world, ministers talk about the basic principles of Science of Mind, which are covered in the first 4 chapters of the Textbook. To learn more about the principles of Science of Mind, listen to Rev. Pam’s January 2011 Talks about the first 4 chapters of The Science of Mind at  The Talks are in English and  Spanish.

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The Time Is Now

I give thanks for Divine Intelligence that guides and directs my every step to live life actively, wisely and fully in the present moment. I release all fear, known or unknown, and consciously choose to live each moment with absolute and complete faith. I always have ample time and energy to complete each task promptly, completely and effortlessly.

Spirit works through me in now time. I am always prompt and ready for new experiences. Every thought, word and action is motivated from on high and takes place on time, in time, at the right time and every time. There are no delays and no belief in procrastination. I believe in the all-sustaining power of good that governs my life here and now.

Opportunities present themselves at the perfect time and propel me forward with ease, wisdom and understanding. Every demonstration is immediate and successfully completed.

Now is the appointed time! I give thanks for instantaneous right action governing this word, I release it, let it be and so it is!!

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I am one with the limitless, eternal and supreme power of Divine Mind. Its action responds to me in perfect order, balance and harmony. This realization has transformed my life into a constant joyful, loving and prosperous experience. I am heir to the kingdom and willingly accept its over flowing abundance of good.

I am the Divine Principle being the self as whole, complete and perfect. Consciousness is the only power and it always brings forth a continuous flow of potent fulfillment through every action. My union with Infinite Presence grounds me in peace, centers me in grace and directs the manifestation of my divine purpose.

I am the embodiment of spirit’s richness. Accepting this absolute truth, my wisdom expands and dissolves any thought, feeling or belief that is unhealthy in body, mind or spirit. All my good moves toward me and increases good everywhere. I accept it and expect it and joyously welcome it with an open heart and mind.

I accept this word and the power of it as the law of my life. It now activates right and perfect action in all of my affairs. In gratitude, I let it be, I accept it to be so now, and so it is!

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Faith Filled

I am the full expression of Divine Intelligence. I accept the responsibility of its perfect activity in, through and around me. I am the consciousness of pure receptivity; my experiences are always a blessing. I am that which I am conscious of being.

I stand on the stable ground of faith.  Faith is my fortune, my conviction and my reality; no person, place or condition can oppose the power of my practical faith.  My success is dependent on nothing outside of myself, but on my consciousness of consistent faith. I keep myself focused on the Promised Land and my faith deepens.

I release everything in my life that is not enriching and empowering. I invest every moment in spiritual conviction and unwavering faith. The more faith I have, the more faith I have.

I give thanks for the complete fulfillment of this Truth. I embody it, accept it, know it and believe it with absolute invincible faith, I let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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What Do You Expect?

It has been said that we don’t get what we want, we get what we expect! If we ask for a lot, but actually expect a little, we will get the little. Our progress is based on our idea of increase. You can change your idea (thinking) about it, and quickly prove to yourself that it is done unto you as you believe.

People grow old because they don’t expect to increase anything, except years.
There is no reason to lose one’s enthusiasm about progressing, growing, increasing while — at the same time — feeling vibrant and alive. When you expect more to happen, you will begin to attract more. Be sure that what you are expecting is truly what you want. Many people are very good at expecting the worst to happen — and it does. Don’t you think the opposite could also happen? The question to ask yourself is: What AM I thinking?

Habitual negative thinking can be cured by replacing it with a new habit of positive thinking. Each thought builds a new consciousness. Repetition is the key. Here are some affirmations to say that will replace old worn out negative thinking:


An article by Rev. Pam
(published in the Tolucan Times May 2013)

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Planting Seeds of Prosperity

Right now, in this moment, I am one with only God’s presence. There are no false Gods before me. I accept one power, God power, as the guiding light of my life. Unified with this power, I am always abundantly supported by this infinite intelligence.

Prosperous living is my natural state. I call forth the full functioning power of spirit to instantly produce and out-picture affluence, abundance and prosperity. I think wealth and feel wealthy. I am anchored in the consciousness of great richness and attract the likeness of that richness in all people, places and things. Spirit knows no stinginess, covertness, ignorance or laziness. I appreciate and graciously accept its ever-increasing generosity.

I am forever grateful for the continuing flow of Divine supply and expanding goodness in all of my experiences. I am never needy nor greedy. I willingly participate and contribute to the circulation of God’s supply in every way I can. There is always plenty to share and plenty to spare by Divine law.

I joyfully accept the embodiment and manifestation of this absolute Truth, as prosperity is the law of my life. With an abundance of gratitude I release it and let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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