Planting Seeds of Prosperity

Right now, in this moment, I am one with only God’s presence. There are no false Gods before me. I accept one power, God power, as the guiding light of my life. Unified with this power, I am always abundantly supported by this infinite intelligence.

Prosperous living is my natural state. I call forth the full functioning power of spirit to instantly produce and out-picture affluence, abundance and prosperity. I think wealth and feel wealthy. I am anchored in the consciousness of great richness and attract the likeness of that richness in all people, places and things. Spirit knows no stinginess, covertness, ignorance or laziness. I appreciate and graciously accept its ever-increasing generosity.

I am forever grateful for the continuing flow of Divine supply and expanding goodness in all of my experiences. I am never needy nor greedy. I willingly participate and contribute to the circulation of God’s supply in every way I can. There is always plenty to share and plenty to spare by Divine law.

I joyfully accept the embodiment and manifestation of this absolute Truth, as prosperity is the law of my life. With an abundance of gratitude I release it and let it be, and so it is!

Rev. Pam

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