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Are You Your Own True Friend? – October 4, 2020

As I consider the challenging times we are facing, I realize that they are precisely why we practice: so that in the midst of their appearances and uncertainties we remind ourselves of the truth that Spirit is the one certainty, the one Power and Presence that there is. We practice so that in those moments when the “known” evades us, we have unshakable faith in the Unknown and that from It new possibilities are birthed.

And that takes me directly to our traditional October Friendship Month and this month’s theme, “Celebrating the Power of Friendship.” Although we are not currently meeting in person, there is no distance between souls and the bond of friendship we share as a global spiritual community remains unbroken. I invite you to join us each week this month as we honor this truth principle.

The October 4, 2020 topic is Are You Your Own True Friend? Self-friendship is founded in the True Self, the unconditional love and compassion of the heart. Now we generously offer these qualities to others, but what about ourselves? Ernest Holmes offers us this undisputable fact: “You are the only person you can’t divorce.” This Sunday we will explore what it means to befriend the self spiritually, mentally, and emotionally.

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Where There is Hatred Let Me Sow Love – April 12, 2020

As we celebrate Easter and Passover holidays, they will no doubt be etched in our collective memory as being the most unforgettably unique in our cultural, familial, and spiritual history. While members of the world’s spiritual communities will be gathering together online rather than in person, let us be mindful of the truth that there is no distance between souls. This is the very basis of our trust in why we need not be in one another’s physical presence for spiritual mind treatment to manifest, for the energy of loving-kindness and compassion to embrace and uplift our global family.

It is in this spirit that I invite you to tune into our virtual community—via podcast or on our website—each Sunday as we connect heartfully to this month’s theme, “I Am Your Instrument,” and allow spiritual principle and practice to stir our hearts and move us into a peaceful state of intent and faith.

The topic on April 12, 2020, was Where There is Hatred Let Me Sow Love. Simply hearing, saying, or reading the words “hatred” and “love” have an immediate energetic influence upon us. The good news is that hatred can never override love as the essence of our being. Our part, especially at this time, is to keep before us these words of Dr. Holmes: “Love is the very energy of our existence, for each of us has emerged out of Spirit’s Divine Love.”

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I Praise the Good in Others


How to Use the Statements of Truth:

      •   Relax and be still for a few minutes.
      •   Now read the Statement of Truth through at least three times.
      •   In silence, meditate on this thought for a few minutes.
      •   You can write the statement on a card and carry it with you.
          Read the Statement of Truth and meditate on it as often as you can.
      •   Read the Statement of Truth just before you go to sleep, and go to sleep meditating on it.




Whenever I think of another person, I praise the good in him. As I praise the good in him, I cause that good to multiply and he is raised up. Through praising others, I am also raised up to a new awareness of Infinite Good.

And so it is

By Jack and Cornelia Addington

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Beloved Community,

It is only with the compassion at the depths of the human heart that one can respond to the tragic shooting in the Emanuel AME church in South Carolina. I could not help but think of our own beloved congregation, of those in mosques, synagogues, temples and other spiritual communities who no doubt are joining us right here, right now, in praying for all those who lost their lives, for their loved ones, their fellow congregants.

When you receive this email, I urge you to pause and pray, not only for those in South Carolina who were directly affected by this tragedy, but for our world, for truly we are one human family. Let us all recommit to do the inner spiritual work to accelerate our consciousness of unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion that dissolve the sense of separation from the Spirit that lives within every man, woman and child on the planet.

I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday and knowing together that we live, move, and have our being in that, which despite any and all appearances, is the Immortal Self.

Boundless blessings and love,

Rev. Pam

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Dr. Michael Lennox – Guest Speaker – June 29, 2014


On June 29th, we are pleased to have Dr. Michael Lennox, author of Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting Any Dream present his Talk entitled Life Is But A Dream.


Time:         11:00 a.m.
Location:   555 North Third Street, Burbank, CA 91502 (The Colony Theatre)

Dr. Michael Lennox

How can exploring your dream life impact your spiritual development? In this fun and dynamic talk, Dr. Michael Lennox will illustrate how self-investigation through your inner landscape leads directly to a deeper experience of your relationship with Spirit. He will be available to sign his book, DreamSight: A Dictionary & Guide for Interpreting Any Dream after services in our book store.


Dream Sight - Dr. Michael Lennox


For over twenty years, Dr. Michael Lennox has interpreted thousands of dreams. His fascination with this nighttime phenomenon began when he was a teenager after reading his mother’s copy of Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams.” Having had vivid and memorable dream experiences from the time he was a small boy, the notion that they could be analyzed and understood on a deeper level was an almost overpowering concept.

Initially, social situations in which people routinely expressed having had bizarre dreams offered him the opportunity to try out his newfound gift. As a young adult, he pursued any and all opportunities to learn more about the theories surrounding dream interpretation. Formal graduate study followed and he earned his Doctorate in Psychology in 2006.

His work as a dream interpreter eventually led him to the world of television and radio. He has since earned his position as the leading media expert in this field in the United States and Canada. He can be heard on various radio shows nationally, seen on many television shows and in print media on a regular basis. He travels frequently to lecture and lead workshops, and currently lives and conducts a private practice in Los Angeles.

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In the winter of 2006 to 2007 I thought I had my whole life planned out. I took a job with a big corporation because I had the plans and intentions of marrying a woman who I convinced myself was the one. I was living in fear- everyone else around me was settling down, buying a house and starting families. I knew this person, probably wasn’t the right one, the job I took wasn’t the right one, and I was living way beyond my means.

I saw the Secret in November of 2006 and started attending different SOM churches and nothing seemed to feel right.
On Valentines day in 2007 not only did my relationship end with the person I was going to marry but so did the job I had.

I prayed for guidance. I wanted to make some life changes and pursue my passion which included Acting and Producing. I sold my house in Culver City and moved back to Hollywood where I used to live. After being there for two weeks, I found the HCRS online- and went the following Sunday. I was welcomed and embraced. I went from the consciousness of I’m trying to be an actor- to “I’m a working actor living the life of a working actor day in and day out.”

I took a class called the Science of Successful Living. In that class I took down my guard and learned to be authentic. I started dealing with a lot of situations that were left undone. I didn’t ask for them, they just showed up– and having a prayer partner in class really helped me. It gave me the opportunity to help someone, and at the same time, get help for what was going on in my life. My life was starting to make a huge shift and I was loving the change.

I treated and meditated daily, which brought some great things into my life. I worked on several films, developed relationships with key people who helped me get my first film produced. I had a lot of success’s, as well as challenges.

It has been a very long five years and sometimes I say to myself, how did I get through it? Well, it all started with faith, as small as a mustard seed. I couldn’t have done it, without the support of the ministerial team and the members and friends of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles….formerly the Hollywood Church of Religious Science.

I want to personally thank the following people for their friendship and support that helped get me through some rough times: Dean Mitchell, Riley Weston, James Millican, Rev. Pam, Rev. Melody, Rev. Jill, Karen Tarleton-Holland & Ken Hergenroeder.

I proudly sign this letter with my name and stamp.

David Fletcher.

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What Is Science of Mind?

The Science of Mind (often referred to as the “Textbook”) is the definitive treatise written by Ernest Holmes about the teachings of Science of Mind. In January each year, in Science of Mind Centers throughout the world, ministers talk about the basic principles of Science of Mind, which are covered in the first 4 chapters of the Textbook. To learn more about the principles of Science of Mind, listen to Rev. Pam’s January 2011 Talks about the first 4 chapters of The Science of Mind at  The Talks are in English and  Spanish.

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Prosperity Comes In All Forms and Denominations

Almost a year ago, I befriended an individual – we were fond of each other and would hang out, and go to dinner, and I also gave him spiritual advice. We became closer, he asked me if he could borrow some money to help with his mortgage. I had the extra money and lent it to him without any reservation. He later asked for more. I had it and gave it to him, and never really thought about it because we were looking at becoming more involved. He stated several times, that he would pay me back- but that did not happened. I was frustrated, I felt betrayed and all sorts of negative words I won’t say. I needed treatment, seriously!!! I erased all of his contact information from my cell and deleted him from my life because God obviously needed me to learn a lesson from this. I was hurt (and he did apologize later for hurting my feelings.) There was no contact from him for months. I felt I was free and he was out of my life. I went to class on Wednesday, October 24th, not really feeling like it, but knowing I needed to go. We were talking about superstitions and I brought up the “penny with the face up.” I’m sure most of you know what I’m talking about. I would only pick up pennies if the face was up and leave it alone if it was face down. I would pick up other coins of higher denomination whether they were faced down or up. I didn’t realize I was devaluing the penny. Now, for the past week or so, there has been this penny on the ground outside of my apartment. I didn’t pick it up because the penny was faced down. I did however flip it over for someone else to possibly get it and be “lucky.”

As we were discussing this topic in class, most of us had similar stories of superstition. Rev. Pam basically told me to go home and pick the penny up… it’s prosperity. I said, OK!!

After class I went home, went up stairs, and it popped in my head, oh, I forgot to get the penny. I went back downstairs, hoping it was still on the ground (and it was… all dirty). I picked it up and said “thank you Jesus,” and put it with the rest of my change, went to bed and thought nothing of it.

Now, here is the kicker!!! Thursday, October 25th at 5:06pm I got a text from an unfamiliar number asking me: “Where are you, let’s do dinner, I have something for you.” I’m like, huh?? Oh, it’s this individual (the one who owed me the money). What does he want??

I agreed to go to dinner, which was kind of awkward because I thought I had released my anger and I really hadn’t. We ate a nice dinner, which he paid for. After dinner, he handed me a white envelope with my name on it. I opened it up and it was a check for $600!!! I said thank you.. Thank you God!!! And, thank you pennies!!! Now I will pick them up no matter what!!!!!

Willis O.

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