I am one with the limitless, eternal and supreme power of Divine Mind. Its action responds to me in perfect order, balance and harmony. This realization has transformed my life into a constant joyful, loving and prosperous experience. I am heir to the kingdom and willingly accept its over flowing abundance of good.

I am the Divine Principle being the self as whole, complete and perfect. Consciousness is the only power and it always brings forth a continuous flow of potent fulfillment through every action. My union with Infinite Presence grounds me in peace, centers me in grace and directs the manifestation of my divine purpose.

I am the embodiment of spirit’s richness. Accepting this absolute truth, my wisdom expands and dissolves any thought, feeling or belief that is unhealthy in body, mind or spirit. All my good moves toward me and increases good everywhere. I accept it and expect it and joyously welcome it with an open heart and mind.

I accept this word and the power of it as the law of my life. It now activates right and perfect action in all of my affairs. In gratitude, I let it be, I accept it to be so now, and so it is!

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