You: A Creator by Nature – September 19, 2021

Loving greetings to you all, and happy Rosh Hashanah to our Jewish spiritual family members! How good it is to be writing to you again as we prepare to explore our September theme, “Truths We Were Never Told.” If you grew up watching TV in the 50s, for example, it’s quite obvious that much of what we were exposed to was either a coverup of the truth, a real s-t-r-e-t-c-h of the truth, or simply untrue. This month we will dispel the remnants of false societal conditioning we may be holding onto by exploring spiritual truths we may never have been told.

The September 19, 2021 topic is You: A Creator by Nature. “Well… I’m just not that creative,” is the false statement many of us tell ourselves when we feel we’ve somehow fallen short. How can this be so when our DNA includes that of the very Source of all creation? Isn’t it time to acknowledge that this creativeness has surely rubbed off on us?

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