Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow – September 23, 2018

Each of us is a divine time traveler. Just as seasons change, so do we experience inner seasonal changes as we move through our life’s journey measured by this thing called “time.” One human measurement of time is referred to as past, present, and future, whereas Spirit’s measurement is timeless time. Our September theme, “The Perfection in This Very Moment,” embraces both, as you will see each week when we delve into the importance of being intimate and honest during our moment-by-moment inner and outer journey.

The topic on September 23, 2018, was Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Every day is an opportunity to meet ourselves anew, to come into a deeper intimacy with ourselves as an individualized expression of Spirit than we did yesterday, and tomorrow more deeply than today. It all begins with greeting ourselves each morning by claiming our divine identity and, as we go through our day, consciously bringing our awareness back to that Home within.

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