Wisdom–Your Greatest Treasure – July 2, 2023

Loving greetings and welcome to our Sunday celebrations. Our theme throughout July is “Poised for Progress.” How must we position ourselves—inwardly and outwardly—to live a spiritually progressive life whether we’re in prayer, meditation, driving to work, on our computer, or walking the dog? How do we express the true meaning of “freedom” we celebrate on the fourth of July? I invite you on a journey into your own consciousness to greet the already, spiritually-poised being that you are.

The July 2, 2023 topic is Wisdom–Your Greatest Treasure. On any given day, how often do you wisely remind yourself that you live your life with the full support of the Universe, that Grace is your constant companion? Today we will explore the essence of our inherent, vast quality of wisdom that has been implanted by Spirit in each one of us, and how we may express it in our everyday intentions and actions.

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