Where There Is Injury Let Me Sow Pardon – April 19, 2020

As we celebrate Easter and Passover holidays, they will no doubt be etched in our collective memory as being the most unforgettably unique in our cultural, familial, and spiritual history. While members of the world’s spiritual communities will be gathering together online rather than in person, let us be mindful of the truth that there is no distance between souls. This is the very basis of our trust in why we need not be in one another’s physical presence for spiritual mind treatment to manifest, for the energy of loving-kindness and compassion to embrace and uplift our global family.

It is in this spirit that I invite you to tune into our virtual community—via podcast or on our website—each Sunday as we connect heartfully to this month’s theme, “I Am Your Instrument,” and allow spiritual principle and practice to stir our hearts and move us into a peaceful state of intent and faith.

The topic on April 19, 2020, was Where There Is Injury Let Me Sow Pardon. Forgiveness is a synonym for peace, not merely in language but in practice. It is a messenger of compassionate understanding, a non-violent approach to bringing peaceful resolution to discord. As we unite in consciousness today, we will bring into focus the truth that “It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.”

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