Walking the Talk in a Consciousness of Plenitude – May 15, 2016

At the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles, you will hear relevant messages, by Rev. Pam MacGregor, that you can apply to everyday life.

The journey into a demonstration of abundance begins with the realization that our part is to claim in consciousness what is ours by divine inheritance. I invite you to tune in each week this month, as we support one another in doing just that by embodying this month’s theme: “ABUNDANCE: The Awareness of What Is Already Yours.”

The topic on May 15, 2016, was Walking the Talk in a Consciousness of Plenitude. Our words, whether in the form of thoughts or spoken aloud, set energy in motion. We can’t afford to be sloppy or mindless about them. When we think and speak in terms of plenitude, we walk that talk of plenty. The question is, plenty of what? The answer is, whatever it is that we give our energy to. Thoughts and words of positivity, of mentally accepting and speaking our word of abundance results in abundance.

I encourage you to pause and consider the application of this week’s topic in your life. Then take a moment to express gratitude for all the good that is yours, even as you open to receive greater abundance from Spirit’s limitless storehouse of supply.

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