Trailblazing the Territory of Consciousness – August 2, 2020

I trust you and your dear ones are healthy and safe. As we and our global family navigate these challenging times, there is no greater practice to keep us walking in balance than prayer, than trusting in the boundless Grace of Spirit that surrounds each and every one of us.

Accustomed as we are to a summer vacation, sheltering in place can be frustrating. And yet, I’m absolutely convinced it is possible to make spiritually creative use of this time, which inspired this month’s theme, “The Transformative Power of a Staycation.” Are you ready to dust off your cosmic passport and purchase a first-class ticket for a Soul-journey? Then it’s time for takeoff!

The August 2, 2020 topic is Trailblazing the Territory of Consciousness. As with any journey, it’s useful to have a map, and in this case it’s the inner map already implanted within you by Spirit. Your part is to view it in consciousness. So tighten your seatbelt, sit quietly and ask yourself: In what state of mind am I homesteading right now? What is the next step in my unfoldment? What qualities must I pack for the journey? What baggage must I release?

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