Time to Kick It in Gear – January 27, 2019

Joyous New Year wishes to you and your dear ones! I invite you to join me in prayerfully knowing that Spirit’s Universal Love guides our world leaders and global family into a 2019 of peace, harmony, and a conscious recognition of our interconnectedness.

As we enter the new year, most of us set intentions. And while I doubt many of us say, “In 2019 I want to be a badass,” I invite us to consider the more profound meaning of “badass” in our modern culture. According to Dr. Jim Taylor’s article in Psychology Today, “A real badass is driven by values such as justice, honor, courage, compassion, humility, integrity—someone who puts others needs before their own.” So how about it—are you ready to get in touch with your inner badass? If you answered what I believe you did, then you’ll want to join us throughout this month when our theme is, “Being Your Badass Self.”

The topic on January 27, 2019, was Time to Kick It in Gear. Each of us is standing at the precipice of choice, so how about choosing to kick our badass selves into gear? The first gear is choosing to get in gear. Second gear is taking action upon that choice. And third gear is entering the smooth ride of surrendering to Spirit as we swerve and curve into the limitless possibilities within our lives. Ready to take the driver’s seat?

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