"The Willingness to Surrender" – March 3, 2019

This month’s theme is, “The Dance of Cause and Effect on the Visible and Invisible Sides of Life.” I invite you to join us as together we deepen our understanding of these teachings which form the main root of the Science of Mind and the New Thought tradition of spirituality. Each week we will focus on how we may make the highest use of the Law of Cause and Effect in manifesting our inner and outer worlds.

The topic on March 3, 2019, was “The Willingness to Surrender.” Surrender is a slippery concept in our society, often related to conflict wherein one side surrenders to the other. While it may appear that it has no relevance in our spiritual practice, quite the opposite is true. This week’s talk explores how the act of surrender releases a sense of separation, unifies the self, and reveals the Authentic Self in its oneness with Spirit.

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