The Second Agreement: “Don’t Take Anything Personally” – November 10, 2019

Joyous Thanksgiving wishes to you and your dear ones as you celebrate this beautiful season of gratitude. And to every member of our spiritual community, I want you to know how grateful I am that we are walking the path together in celebration of the Spirit, in a mutual commitment to opening our hearts and giving our “Yes” to Spirit’s limitless gifts of opportunities to grow, to be of loving, selfless service in the world.

Do join us during this special month when our theme will be, “The Spiritual Importance of Agreements,” which will focus on Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic, The Four Agreements, a book that emphasizes how our inner agreements form the spiritual foundation of our integrity with Spirit, ourselves, others, and all Life.

The topic on November 10, 2019, was The Second Agreement: “Don’t Take Anything Personally.” Whew, even this instruction can feel personal! The human ego, being what it is, has been programmed to take things personally. But this pattern isn’t etched in our consciousness, only our mind, which means that we can learn to become more spiritually mature and not be personally impacted by the dialogue we have with ourselves about ourselves, nor the words of others.

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