The Pathway to Enlightening-Up – August 19, 2018

The theme this month is The Pathway to Presence. Now in case you paused at the word “presence,” let me explain my deliberate choice of that word. When we’re present to the Presence, it expresses through us as self-empowerment, clarity, enlightening-up, and grace—which we’ll walk through together each week on the pathway to a deeper connection to Spirit and Self.

The topic on August 19, 2018, was The Pathway to Enlightening-Up. In one of his last sermons, Dr. Ernest Holmes said, “I do not even take myself seriously, but I take what I am doing seriously.” If we’re honest, most of us will admit that at times we also take ourselves too seriously. So I suggest practicing a new commandment: Thou shalt lighten up. Then we can enlighten-up through a lighter heart and spirit.

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