The Grace of Being – March 27, 2022

As we trust more and more in our relationship with Spirt, our commitment and enthusiasm to practice deepen. We become inspired by knowing absolutely that Spirit and its laws governing the universe are at the core of Existence. What rich nourishment this offers to our spiritual progress! The selection of this month’s theme, “Opening to the Wonder of Being,” is intended to open us to discover new pathways that will carry us to higher ground, to the awareness that Wholeness is already ours. I look forward to our journey together.

The March 27, 2022 topic is The Grace of Being. Spirit’s Grace is nothing we have to earn. It is our birthright, and our openness to it expands our experience of oneness with Spirit. Our every step, every breath, is accompanied by Grace. Living from this awareness gives us an understanding of how sacred life is, despite the appearances of challenges. With grace as our companion, we move in oneness with Self, Soul, and Spirit.

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