The Good You Are Seeking Has Always Been Yours – May 5, 2019

Joyous Mother’s Day wishes to all of you who are a blessing in the lives of those you touch in your role as “mother,” whether it be your own child, as a foster or adoptive parent, grandparent, or mentor.

“The profound thought of all ages has stood in awe of Life itself,” writes Ernest Holmes, “realizing that there is a power and potentiality, the highest possibilities of which the human intellect cannot fathom.” As we explore this month’s theme—“Empowered Living”—we will tap directly into that power and potentiality.

The topic on May 5, 2019, was The Good You Are Seeking Has Always Been Yours. When we embody the inherent Goodness that our Creator Source embedded within our innermost Self, we realize that it has been ours all along. An additional blessing that accompanies this realization is the acknowledgment that this same Goodness is within all beings and Life itself. Living then becomes a true blessing in which we see the preciousness of our human birth.

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