The First Secret of Answered Prayer – June 7, 2020

Loving greetings and may you and your loved ones be healthy and safe as together we walk through these challenging times. I have no doubt that you, like myself, feel a strong inward call to prayer for our entire global family. As I read articles and watch programs about this situation, I hear the recurring statement that never in our recorded human history has there been such an obvious expression of our interdependence upon one another to now live in such a way that is for the greater good of all humanity.

To the guidelines based on science given to us by the CDC, I add that of the spiritual science of prayer, which inspired this month’s theme, “The Four Secrets of Answered Prayer.” I’ve had some extra assistance from a book I read The Prayer Chest, a novel co-authored by New Thought ministers August Gold and Joel Fotinos.

I look forward to your joining the Beloved Community as we unite in prayer and celebration of the Spirit.

The June 7, 2020 topic is The First Secret of Answered Prayer. Prayer, in its truest essence, is a state of being. In prayer there is no “me,” “thou,” nor “other.” The sense of a separate self dissolves into oneness with Spirit. This state of divine union is answered prayer, a fulfillment of our deepest self and purpose. Join us this Sunday as together we learn how we can amplify the power of prayer for ourselves and our world.

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