Step Four—Thanksgiving and Release – November 28, 2021

Loving greetings to you all as we enter the special season of celebrating Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. May you and your dear ones be blessed to overflowing. Although this past year has included challenges for our global family, let our hearts be inspired by the courage and trust in Spirit our ancestors demonstrated and which contributed to the creation of these significant holidays. In that spirit, our theme of the month will be “Living Affirmatively.” Please join our spiritual family each week as we focus on how the practice of Spiritual Mind Treatment uplifts and co-creates our lives.

The November 28, 2021 topic is Step Four—Thanksgiving and Release. Thanksgiving is an expression of our heartfelt gratitude, of unconditional trust in the word we have spoken and its demonstration in our life. Release is a sweet and full surrender of our word. Our spirit exhales, knowing Universal Law is in full operation on our behalf.

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