Relationships: Our Greatest Teachers for Growth – February 19, 2017

At the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles, you will hear relevant messages, by Rev. Pam MacGregor, that you can apply to everyday life.

When I was contemplating how as a community we could explore the profound and powerful energy of love, I was inspired to make the February theme “Love: The Silent Healer.” We know this is true, because when love is directed toward us our heart softens, melts, heals and surrenders to the highest within. Unquestionably, Love certainly is the most powerful of medicines, and our spiritual community is the perfect laboratory in which to embody it and then put it into action in our world.

I invite you to listen each week as we come together to expand our hearts, share our love, and celebrate life with immense gratitude for all of Spirit’s gifts and graces, given to us so unconditionally and bountifully..

The topic on February 19, 2017, was Relationships: Our Greatest Teachers for Growth. All forms of human relationship—partners, children, parents, friends, colleagues—are perfect mirrors for revealing those places in which we have yet to grow. If we can get our ego out of the way, we would bend a knee of gratitude before the rich opportunities relationships offer for our evolutionary progress, for opening us to the gifts that await us as we deepen our heart’s journey into love.

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