Loving and Accepting Your Imperfectly Perfect Self – March 11, 2018

Loving greetings and welcome to the month of the Spring Solstice, a time of renewal and rejoicing. And that’s just what we’ll experience each week as together we explore April’s theme, Love: The Only Miracle that There Is. When we look into our spiritual pharmacy for healing whatever ails us in any given circumstance, Love is the salve that remedies our inner and outer wounds.

May we stand together as a spiritual family and let the miracles begin!

The topic on March 11, 2018, was Loving and Accepting Your Imperfectly Perfect Self. In the wise words of Dr. Holmes, “At the spiritual level we are each perfect, but our individual use of Life and Law enables us to cover a perfect idea with an apparently imperfect cloak.” That our inner spiritual perfection doesn’t always reflect in our humanness provides evidence that we are spiritual beings having a human experience—and not the other way around!

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