Love Connection in Times of Physical Separation – October 18, 2020

As I consider the challenging times we are facing, I realize that they are precisely why we practice: so that in the midst of their appearances and uncertainties we remind ourselves of the truth that Spirit is the one certainty, the one Power and Presence that there is. We practice so that in those moments when the “known” evades us, we have unshakable faith in the Unknown and that from It new possibilities are birthed.

And that takes me directly to our traditional October Friendship Month and this month’s theme, “Celebrating the Power of Friendship.” Although we are not currently meeting in person, there is no distance between souls and the bond of friendship we share as a global spiritual community remains unbroken. I invite you to join us each week this month as we honor this truth principle.

The October 18, 2020 topic is Love Connection in Times of Physical Separation. We can’t deny the heart’s frustration over the physical isolation present in our current world condition, especially if one of our loved ones is ill. In addition to prayer, how can we connect and comfort them and ourselves? Acknowledging the unbreakable connection of our hearts and souls is the answer, and today we will share the ways in which we can activate and transmit its energy.

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